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Multichannel Multiple sales channels for B2B & B2C

Empower your sales & marketing process for better engagement of tour agents, vendors & customers!

First ever web-based advanced B2B & B2C tour software

This pioneering solution is for everyone including agents, vendors, partners and more importantly customers too to access the system and handle their booking. Access it anytime, anywhere from mobile or desktop.

Interactive B2B Dashboard & Reports

ITours presents easiest channel management and report generation with interactive B2B dashboard simplifying your work. It offers everything that B2B Travel agent software should have.

Complete scope to manage agents’ booking

Create tours with details and options in the system. Make them available local partners, tour agents as per the geographical locations, booking availability and booking status. Assign the bookings to particular agents as per your plan. Agents will update the bookings in the system, and you will have the updated status of bookings whenever you need.

Individual software login to every Agent/Booker/Franchise/Individual user

ITours comes with individual login option for every user and the admin can allow access of modules as per the type of user. Every user gets what he/she needs to complete the desired activities. ITours is the first software which offers the login feature for customers too.

Display availability in real-time mode

ITours is always updated. The admin, bookers, agents and franchisees get exact real time booking status of every tour every time they log in. This real-time status gives clear idea about available seats on each tour and cuts down on time spent on getting booking status through phones or emails.

The application is reduced 100% manual work

With this automated and skillfully designed b2b travel agency software, augment your business growth and customer engagement. Get hold of this smart solution and solve all your daily business hassles. Your team can save time and spend it on more fruitful activities to enhance the business.

Handle Individual Agent Clients

You need competent B2B tour agent software to communicate with your team fast and efficiently. Get complete control of inventory through this b2b tour agency software.

Effectively promote special offers, apply discounts

The customer login feature of this easy-to-use web-based b2c tour agency software eases out the task of promoting special offers, discounts, and upcoming tours. Inform your agents, brokers and customers too about the offers with just few clicks.

More convenience, more loyal customers

Let your clients login and get all the needed information about their booking, give their feedback, get the itinerary, download/print e-tickets; if needed, cancel the booking and also get refund online. Wouldn’t your customer be happy and recommend you to their friends. They will be your loyal customers.

Manage selling options, cancellation policies and fees

Single-handed and centralized control over tour selling options. Update the changed cancellation policies or fee structure in the system instantly without any hassle. Forget writing long e-mails of policy and fee change to vendors, bookers and agents.

FIT tours estimate calculator

ITours – the comprehensive b2b tour agency software offers features as per the changing industry trends. Many customers prefer independent tours to group tours. ITours has in-built FTI tour estimate calculator, so you need not get it created again.

Seamless role management for enhanced business

Create unlimited admin, employees, vendors, agents and bookers in this B2B Online Tour operator software; assign them access as per their role and responsibilities, locations and so on. The admin can assign particular modules to every role as per the requirements such as the back office, booking, customer care, accounts and so on.

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    Increase sales & distribution channels

  • Monitor hundreds facts by single login

  • 100% Time Saving

  • Lower operational cost

  • Back office management

  • Accuracy, Quality & Consistency

  • One roof business tools

  • Manage from anywhere, any time

  • Complete paperless work

  • Many doors open support 24X7

  • Overheads and hassle free

  • Just relax & Control over the Management

  • One time set up & training

  • Auto Updates/Upgrades

  • Real time Reporting

  • Security, Content/Data Safety

  • Customize Packages Availability

  • Intelligent Inventory Management

  • Customer Relationship Management