How Tour Operator Software can speed up travel operations?

15 June 2020

How Tour Operator Software can speed up travel operations?

Travel business mainly involves three parties. They are suppliers, customers and travel company or travel agency itself. These are the core elements involved in travel business management. The flow of operations starts from the customer. Let’s understand the complete flow of operations involved in the process.

  • Customer willing to travel raises an enquiry o the travel company.
  • Enquiry is then received by the travel company
  • Travel company needs to check the availability of the other services with supplier
  • Supplier needs to check the availability and send confirmation to travel company with quotation.
  • Travel company then sends the availability details with the quotation to the customers.
  • Customer receives the offer and after accepting the quotation, he sends the confirmation to travel company, after which the travel company forwards the customer confirmation to the supplier

This is how the flow of operations goes inside the travel company. Now just imagine if all these activities need to be done manually on daily basis with infinite number of customer inquiries. Isn’t that be hectic? There is a huge amount of time involved in these processes if done manually and also chances of human errors increases. Here comes automated travel technology into the picture.

Tour operator software is that automated technology which takes all these processes into the account and makes complete operations automated which in result saves time and reduces error in the operations.

Now let’s take a look at how trave technology speed ups the above-mentioned operations with its automated features.

Travel software uses powerful communication system which facilitates better communication flow between multiple parties which facilitates quick response from the members. It auto-generates enquiry to the suppliers and suppliers with easy to operate system confirms the availability. With the help of Travel agency software, travel company can generate customized quotations, day wise itinerary details and sends it to the costumers in multiple attractive formats.

Periodic follow-ups emails are set that are to be sent to the customers before and even after the confirmation is received from them. The best part about this travel software is that it has in-build standard destination-wise itinerary in unique and attractive format. It reduces manual efforts on adding itinerary in the system. Thus, last but not the least, travel agency software brings out efficiency in the operations.

Better communication system leads to better customer interaction which in turn boosts customer confidence, trust and brings customer loyalty.

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