Easily create, edit, save & customize multiple travel buainess templates with document template manager!
Easily create, edit, save & customize multiple travel buainess templates with document template manager!

15 June 2020

Travel Company needs to deal with multiple suppliers like the hotel industry, airline industry, rental services, bus/ train transport services, etc. and last but not the least customers, as it is incomplete without them. Without any third party interaction or any connection with third party agents, suppliers & customers travel business management is impossible. The entire travel business management process involves a lot of interaction i.e. interaction at every phase of business with these suppliers, customers & company employees.

Interaction with suppliers involves:

  • Sending business proposals to suppliers
  • Asking for quotation requirement
  • Confirmation of quotation mail
  • Auto generate hotel service vouchers
  • Sharing real-time data with suppliers to access the service

Interaction with customers involves:

  • Sending tour quotation to customers
  • Preparing invoice after acceptance of quotations
  • Preparing receipt after payment done by customers
  • Sending email to the customers in case of trip cancellation, etc.

Interaction with employees involves:

  • Any kind of internal discussion with employees regarding leaves approval/ rejection, etc.

Here we have discussed the kind of interaction involved in travel business between the travel company and multiple suppliers, customers & employees but one thing to remember here is Travel Company needs to deal with one more important job. As suppliers, customers Travel Company needs to deal with are of different types and varied tastes. So the Travel Company needs to customize the above-mentioned emails for different suppliers and customers. In the case of customers it is very obvious that they have different choices as per their personality, so Travel Company needs to take care of the quotation format presenting to every type of customer as per their taste.

When anything becomes a brand then it creates its unique image on the audience. After that people recognize the brand through its unique personality which reflects the brand image. The same rule works here for Travel Company. Every travel company creates its image over the audience, suppliers, and customers through the unique type of email formats, communication tone, and services it offers to the customers. When designing the template for all the above-mentioned interactions between multiple agents and customers, Travel Company needs to take care of that tone, an image that it has developed over the years and irrespective of that template should justify its message keeping the same pitch and tone alive. Isn't it difficult for any travel agency or Travel Company to constantly maintain that image through its message templates among the audience? Yes it is. Every time preparing a different template for different suppliers, the customer is not an easy job and this is not the only task Travel Company needs to look after. It has other key tasks to deal with. So who can take care of all these messages, templates, communication tone, brand image, etc. while keeping them meaningful for multiple entities? The answer is "Document Template Manager" .

Document template manager is an expert in achieving this task at ease. It allows travel agency/ Travel Company to create, edit, save, and retrieve multiple templates for different entities. It allows creating a single template and then editing it as per the personality, taste of every supplier and customer keeping the communication tone unique in every template and also justifies the meaning to every party, thus it sets Travel Company free to focus on other key tasks of the travel business and spend minimum time on this activity. Every time Travel Company needs to create the template for supplier or customer, it can reuse the already created template and customize it as per the template requirement. Thus it takes care of customer-facing as well as supplier facing documents of the Travel Company in a very efficient way.

Document template manager is the ultimate solution to manage both front end and back end communication flow of the Travel Company. Multiple document template managers are available in the market at affordable prices as per the travel company's requirement. Travel companies can avail that to achieve and maintain smooth and efficient communication flow with suppliers, customers, and employees of the travel company.

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