A well planned decision about travel software purchase can be a great start towards automated technology!
A well planned decision about travel software purchase can be a great start towards automated technology!

15 June 2020

Choosing the right software for the travel business is the aim of every travel company as the right choice of travel software can decide the future of the travel business. Though every travel owner is aware of this fact, they tend to make common mistakes while purchasing travel agency software. This blog is to make them aware of these mistakes and will act as a guideline on how they can avoid these mistakes and make the entire process very effective

Common mistakes and how to avoid them:

1.Missing or Unclear Requirements:
Most of the time travel owners themselves are not aware of their business requirements and with this dilemma in mind they plan for the purchase. This is the first and very common mistake they do. This mistake is avoidable if every travel owner is aware of their future travel business goals, what they want to achieve in the next few years, why they need automated technology, what are their business requirements and what they seek from travel agency software. All these questions sorted out in mind will create a clear picture of the final requirements and will make the decision-making process easy and effective.

2.Unaware of Customization Parameter:
Like unclear or missing requirements, this lack of customization factor can create another mistake. If the first mistake is done, then it can be easily followed by the second one means if requirements are unclear then there is no question of customization points in the software. With clear business requirements in mind, travel operators can think of what kind of customization they seek from the software. This is one scenario. The other scenario can be the travel owners are aware of the requirements but still they are overlooking this factor and giving importance to standard features instead, so how to avoid this mistake? First, once you are completely aware of the software requirements and customization factor, you need to check at the very first stage if the vendor is ready to provide at least the basic level of customization as the standard software won't serve your purpose as every travel company has unique business structure and requirements. If the vendor is ready to provide the customized software with a possible extent then it is a green signal for you.

3. In-depth Training:
Sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we forget the important factors. Now if software is as per your requirements and will be available with the customization factors you demand, the other mistake can be to overlook training criteria. Imagine you have the software you desired but you cannot make the most of it only because you are not fully aware of the software features or functionality. Your next job as a travel operator is to ask for in-depth training of the software features. We are intelligent enough to understand the basic functionality but detailing of every minute functionality is important.

4.Post-Sales Support:
Post-sales service is important as much as in-depth training. Training can make you get started with implementing the functionality but until and unless we interact with the system, we don't face any real issues in the software. Training gives us a green signal to go ahead but what if you get stuck in between and can't implement the further functionality? Here support comes into the picture. Only focusing on key requirements and not considering this factor can make you regret your decision. So check if proper multi-channel support is available by the development company. Multi-channel support includes support via SMS, email, what's app chat, user manual, video support, etc.

5. Not Adaptive to the Current Technology:
You as a travel operator might be happy with the tour operator software you finalized and it might sound perfect to all you travel business requirements but as a travel owner you cannot afford to forget considering technology factor. As new technology is coming out every day and to stay up in the competition, you need to stay up to date with current technology and purchasing software that supports this new technology. As nowadays, cloud technology is leading in the market. Cloud-based travel ERP application is the perfect package for the travel industry to conquer with current challenges. While purchasing a travel management software, not considering the technology factor can be a big mistake and this can be avoided by thoroughly studying the technology that software is built on and to check does it has any current and future scope in the market? This question will solve most of the problems.

6. Not Checking the Vendor's Portfolio:
This is the very common criterion to be considered while selection process. This factor may sound very common and basic but has equal importance like any other factor. Travel operators may pass through all difficult tests in the selection process but end up failing in this simple step. Before making a purchase decision, checking the vendor's website is important which creates the very first impression on us. This can unfold many important facts about software Development Company. Client's testimonials form a great source of input in the entire process, considering the decision making becomes easy.

7. Not Considering Employee Voice:
Employees are the ones who will be using the software at last. So lifting the heavy load of complete decision-making process without giving a chance to employees to open up about their requirement, about their valuable feedback of old software, or without considering their suggestions about the software features might cause them to lose the sense of belonging, which further might cause less productivity and harm your business dreams. The best way is to involve them in the process, give them a chance to vote and then go with the flow.

The Bottom Line: We can't control post-decision activities but can prevent them by taking corrective actions at the correct time and by being aware of these guidelines. These basic steps can save you from badly sinking in and will cover all opportunity costs that you as a travel owner might have caused by overlooking any of the above-mentioned factors.