Covid-19 period is the best period for travel industry to work on system pitfalls & to be ready for coming business opportunities!
Covid-19 period is the best period for travel industry to work on system pitfalls & to be ready for coming business opportunities!

15 June 2020

Year 2020! Many of us have planned and dreamt of so many things in this 2020 but nobody knew that this 2020 will be so challenging and tough for us. The single word "Corona virus" has destructed everything. Many of us had to compromise their valuable lives, many of us had to lose their jobs, and many industries are shut down so overall this pandemic has affected our economy badly. But as we say our strength is to be tested in this tough period. So this is a period when we have to stay strong, show our courage, and stand up like a rigid wall and say bye-bye to this virus forever.

As we just mentioned industries here, the main industry that has got severely impacted by this virus is the travel industry. Travel companies have faced a huge fall down in travel demands from all over the world due to the corona virus. This dark cloud just appeared one day but now nobody knows how long it will last and so we just need to keep fingers crossed and pray for the best to happen. As travel companies are mostly facing the bad consequences of this pandemic, should all travel companies just sit down and be ready to face dirtier side of this or the other option is, travel companies should foresee the bright opportunities this pandemic can get after everything is over.

Every coin has two sides but it is up to us to which side we want to be. To be on the side which might not seem interesting now but can turn into a gold coin later or to be on the side which might ask you to sink completely in the big ocean. So it is the time for the entire travel industry to decide which side they want to be on.

Let's explore the two sides of the coin for travel companies. The first side is to sit down and wait for this worst period to be over and do nothing and the other option is to get ready for the coming shiny and bright opportunities and to get the best out of what they have now. Of course the second option sounds better as it leads towards a positive path and can help travel companies from completely losing the travel business.

Let's see how travel companies can utilize this bad phase positively and start working on system improvements. Travel business is a mixture of complicated processes that need to be taken care of. Starting from enquiry management, enquiry follow up, entire accounts & finance management (generating invoice, receipts, tax%, credit/debit note, balance sheet entries, P & L entries, cash book/bank book maintenance, etc.), supplier management, reports generation & analysis, HR management, business promotion, customer response and many other processes. Manually managing all these tasks is not a perfect choice in this competitive world, so there has to be an automated solution and travel agency software is that perfect travel technology which deals with all these processes easily and efficiently with its multiple automated quality features.

So what does working on system improvements mean?

  • Travel companies looking for automated travel software can purchase & implement it to speed up the process and generate large revenue.
  • Those companies which are already using certain software and looking for the higher version can upgrade it and start working on it.
  • Those who need to create an interactive website or to make modifications as per the current travel trend to attract customers can go-ahead with that.

Working on the system during this pandemic will make Travel Company ready for the future coming opportunities and this way this period can be passed constructively with something losing but gaining too. When travelers will be in the thrust of traveling after this pandemic, travel agency, Travel Company, travel agents, tour operators, DMCs will be ready with their systems to deal with this huge demand and they are sure to present the better version of themselves to the customers with quick customer service.

So travel companies if you are willing to take a step ahead and want to be a part of this automated technology, then we are here to be with you in this tough time. iTours travel ERP can be your partner which offers a bundle of automated features like CRM, accounts & finance, B2B, MIS reports, HR management, business promotion with many other child features for an excellent travel business management.

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  • Digital Marketing

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